Planning for the future

The Next Big Talk: Planning Your Financial Future

A little planning can go a long way - especially when it comes to finances. Help your teen be an effective financial planner and set them up for lifelong success. Start with our tips below.

Get insurance

Rules of Thumb

  • Plan ahead for big expenses
  • Get insurance to protect yourself
Plan ahead

Plan Before You Buy

  • Read contracts to avoid surprise charges
  • Save up several months' worth of payments before borrowing
  • Pay as much as you can with cash up front instead of paying 100 percent with credit

4 Money-Management Tips

Check your budget before you buy.

Price Tag / Sale
Seek better or less costly alternatives.

Set spending goals for the next few years.

Have a plan for unexpected expenses.

Having the "next big talk" is as important as any other life challenge, and we're here to help you and your teen along the way. We've created The Money Talk guide, using real-life examples, to make it easier for parents to help their teens get familiar with finances and jump into adulthood with a sense of financial independence.