Select Your WSU Card

New to BECU 

You can select a UW, WSU or classic BECU Red debit card  design with every BECU Checking account. All our checking accounts are free and come with savings.  There are no minimum balance requirements, no monthly service fees and debit card fraud protection.

Open a free checking & savings account online or stop by a BECU location to apply in person. 

Existing BECU Member

Members can request new debit cards online via the Message Center in Online Banking.. Alternatively, you can visit a BECU location and have a new debit card issued.

You can also message us directly from the BECU Mobile App available via the Apple Store or Google Play. Real people are standing by between 7 am- 7 pm M-F and Sat and Sunday and 9-6.

Credit Cards

Interested in one of our awesome low rate Visa or Cash Back Visa cards with the great WSU, UW or BECU designs? Once you become a BECU Member, you'll have access to our low rate credit cards and all the perks that come with membership.   

Secured Credit Cards

New to credit cards? Call today and ask about our Secured Credit Card.  They're great for those with little or no credit history and since they're capped at $500, they can help you stay within your budget while establishing a credit history for bigger purchases down the line. 

Existing BECU Members

Members can apply for the Visa or Cash Back Visa from Online Banking via Apply for Credit Cards & Loans tab

Questions? Stop by a BECU location, send us a secure message via the BECU App or call us at 800-233-2328

Not a Member yet?

You can apply for a membership online or at a neighborhood financial center and complete your credit card application after membership is established. 

Want a new design?

Existing BECU Members can request a new debit or credit card three different ways:

  1. Stop by a BECU Neighborhood Financial Center and we can reprint a new debit card for you on the spot and request a new card design for your credit card.
  2. Send us a secure message via the BECU App or via the Message Center in Online Banking.
  3. Call us at 800-233-2328 and request a new card design.

Not a Member or live out of state? Check out our Eligibility page to learn how WSU Alumns and others can become members.

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