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BECU New Car Buying Program

If you’re seeking to purchase or lease a new vehicle, CarBargains allows you to negotiate and prearrange your purchase through a CarBargains auto expert for a pressure-free, more efficient shopping experience. Plus, BECU members receive a special service discount.

Buying a new car is stressful. How do you know if you're getting a good deal? There's a better way that can save time, eliminate hassle, and secure the lowest possible price on your new car — guaranteed.

BECU has partnered with CarBargains, a new vehicle buying service that helps ease the pressures of traditional car-buying. CarBargains is a nonprofit that has your best interest in mind.

Here's how it works:

  • Tell them the make, model and style of the car you're looking for, as well as whether you want to purchase or lease.
  • Auto experts at CarBargains will then contact at least five dealers near you for their most competitive pricing.
  • CarBargains follows-up with an in-depth report that shows the price commitment and fees requested by each dealer.
  • You choose your preferred dealer. Then select and confirm your vehicle color and other options with the dealer.


It's quick and easy to get started.

  • The process is fulfilled remotely
  • The goal is to get you the best possible price on a new car (used cars are not included in this service)
  • BECU members receive a 20% discount on service fees
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CarBargains FAQ

Yes, the CarBargains service is available everywhere in the lower 48 states.

For more than 30 years, CarBargains has consistently delivered the lowest possible new-vehicle prices to consumers. The expert Car Bargains staff collects bids from at least five dealers closest to the customer. Unlike other car shopping services, Car Bargains does not charge dealers to participate. Dealers are free to bid and because they know they will be competing with other dealers for the sale, consumers receive the best possible price. CarBargains is so confident in delivering the lowest possible price that they offer a 100% guarantee. If you can beat the lowest CarBargains price, the service fee will be refunded.

If you can buy the same vehicle that CarBargains presented to you at a lower price lower than the best quote in our report, CarBargains will gladly refund the entire service fee with proof of purchase. This offer applies to cars purchased within the same bidding area and time period.

No, CarBargains never reveals the name or contact information of the customer to dealers. You are known to dealers as “The CarBargains Customer.” When you are ready to purchase your vehicle from the lowest cost dealer, you will have a sales manager contact to work with directly.

CarBargains only needs to know the make, model, and style of vehicle you want. The dealers bid an amount above or below factory invoice or MSRP and the bid applies to any vehicle, regardless of color or options. Once you decide which dealer to buy from, you contact the sales manager at the dealer and tell them what color and options you want. They will let you know if they have the vehicle in stock or if they can locate the vehicle for you.

A typical turnaround time is about two weeks. Depending on demand, reports may take less or more time. To see the current report turnaround time, visit CarBargains.

Demand for new vehicles has risen to pre-pandemic levels, disrupting the supply chain for auto manufacturers. Due to the lack of available microchips, certain manufacturing plants have closed, resulting in a reduction of new vehicle inventories. Consumers should expect fewer choices and higher prices as a result. Given the lack of inventory, the CarBargains turnaround time might be impacted. After you place an order, CarBargains will provide an update should they run into availability issues.