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Hassle-Free Steps to Setting up Direct Deposit

Does your employer offer Direct Deposit? Great, BECU can help! Direct Deposit is fast, convenient and completely free—it is the most preferred method of deposit for anyone who receives a regular paycheck or a government, social security or pension check.

What will your employer need to set this up?

They will need your 10-digit BECU checking and/or savings account number along with BECU's ABA/routing number which is 325081403. Based on your employer's specific requirements for the initial set up, they may ask you to provide a voided check, direct deposit verification letter or fill out their enrollment form. Federal direct deposit forms can be found on the U.S. Department of Treasury website.

If you need to order checks or obtain a verification letter, please visit any BECU location (note, checks take roughly 7 – 10 business days for mailing). Additionally, you can locate your account number by logging into Online Banking or call us at 800-233-2328.

As one BECU member puts it “Direct Deposit is the only way to go. And, I even got paid while I was on vacation! What a peace of mind.”

Eliminating the hassle of receiving a paper check, making a trip to the ATM and then waiting for the funds to become available will gain you greater financial freedom and security. Sign up today.

Written By: Nikki Morgan, BECU Employee