Important News from BECU

Newest Version of the App Requires Users to Update

Updated Dec. 7, 2022 – BECU recently released a new version of the mobile app that includes enhanced security features. Users must update to the new version by Jan. 25 in order to continue to use the app.

If you have automatic updates enabled in your device settings, you don't have to do anything: your BECU app should be up to date.

Why the New App Version Is Required

We're committed to safeguarding our members' accounts, and this new version of the mobile app will strengthen our ability to protect members from fraud and other malicious activity. Many outdated devices have operating systems (OS) and software that are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, which is why we're requiring the update for all users.

Beginning Jan. 25, older versions of the app will not be supported on any devices. At that time, anyone still using an outdated version will not be able to access their accounts in the app. Not updating the app now means you may be forced to install it at an inconvenient time - like when you need quick access to your account.

System Requirements Have Also Changed

With the release of the new app version, the minimum OS requirements to use the BECU mobile app have also changed. Your device's OS must meet the version requirements below in order for the app to update and function properly:

  • Apple devices: iOS 13 or higher
  • Android devices: 5.0 or higher

You can see what OS version your device is using in the Settings. For more information, visit our System Requirements page.

Keeping Your OS and Financial Apps Updated

To protect all your accounts, cybersecurity experts recommend keeping your device updated with the most recent version of any banking or financial apps you use. With the increase of cybersecurity threats and attacks, ensuring that your apps and your device's OS* stay up to date is essential in preventing hackers from gaining access to your information and accounts.

*Some members may not be able to update their OS because Apple and Android are no longer supporting their older devices. Those members will still be able to access Online Banking from the website using their mobile device browser where all features are available except mobile deposit.