Important News from BECU

Required Mobile App Update Coming Soon

We’re preparing to release a new version of our mobile app that will deliver increased security and enhanced features. Users will be required to install the update. You won’t need to take any action if you have automatic app updates enabled on your device.

In the coming weeks, we'll release a new version of the BECU app that will require all users to update the app on their devices. While this version is not currently available, you can be ready for it by enabling automatic updates on your device now. One way to keep your accounts secure is to always use the latest version of any financial institution's app when banking on your mobile device. 

About the Coming App Release

We're committed to safeguarding our members' accounts, and this new version of the mobile app will strengthen our ability to protect members from fraudulent and other malicious activity. If you want to continue using the BECU mobile app to access your account, you'll need to install the new version when it's released in coming weeks.

Typically, members can update the BECU mobile app when and how it's convenient for them. This time, however, we're requiring members to update the app so that new, enhanced security features can be installed. Many cybersecurity attacks come from vulnerabilities in the operating system (OS) or software of outdated devices, which is why we're requiring the update for all users.

Within a few weeks of releasing the new version, older versions of the app will not be supported on any device. We want to help minimize the impact of this change by preparing members ahead of time. If you don't set the app to automatically update, and you don't update it after the release, you may be forced to install the update* at an inconvenient time – like when you need quick access to your account.

Set and Forget With Automatic Updates

You can enable your BECU mobile app to update automatically when we release the new version, which is expected in the next few weeks. Users who enable automatic app updates on their devices won't need to take any action when the new version is released.

Enabling Automatic App Updates

iOS (Apple) Devices
Your iOS device operating system (OS) must be using version 14 or later in order for the BECU app to update.*

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Search for or scroll to find the App Store.
3. Tap App Store.
4. Under Automatic Downloads, tap the toggle to switch on App Updates (green). Learn more at Apple Support.

Android Devices
Your Android device operating system (OS) must be using version 5 or later in order for the BECU app to update.*

1. Open the Google Play Store app.
2. Tap your profile image in the right-hand corner.
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap Network Preferences.
5. Tap Auto-update apps. Learn more at Google Play Support.

If you don't enable automatic updates, you'll need to manually update the BECU app when we release the new version in order to continue using it.

Why You Should Always Keep Your Financial Apps and OS Updated

To protect all your accounts, cybersecurity experts recommend keeping your device updated with the most recent version of any banking or financial industry apps you use. With increasing instances of cybersecurity threats and attacks, updating your apps and your device's OS is an essential step in preventing hackers from gaining access to your information and accounts.

*Some members may not be able to update their OS because Apple and Google are no longer supporting their older devices. Members who can't update their OS to the minimum version required will not be able to update and use the BECU mobile app. Those members will still be able to access Online Banking from the website using their mobile device browser. All features are available through mobile Online Banking except mobile deposit.