KEXP cassette and piggy bank

KEXP Debit Donations in 2020

Over 75,000 KEXP cards have been issued to BECU members since 2020. Collectively to date, these cards have helped raise over $72,000 for KEXP.

Donations Raised for KEXP

The numbers are in: KEXP debit cardholders raised $72,596.77 for KEXP in 2020. KEXP is a nonprofit arts organization whose work is made possible by individual donors, volunteers, corporate sponsors and other charitable sources. BECU's donations will help KEXP provide in-person, broadcast and online programming for a global music community.

How the KEXP Donation Program Works

BECU KEXP debit cardholders drive the donation process:

  • Cardholders make purchases using their BECU KEXP Debit Card
  • BECU donates 1 cent of every purchase to KEXP
  • Then, twice every year, BECU sends the proceeds to KEXP

How to Get the Card

Not a member? No problem. Check your eligibility and apply online.

BECU and KEXP Partnership

Our partnership is harmony in practice. BECU and KEXP have common origins in the Northwest. Our mutual focus is on serving and enriching our communities.

KEXP began in 1972 as KCMU, a 10-watt radio station founded by four students at the University of Washington. Over the years, the station has become a cultural force for a devoted community of listeners, not just in the Pacific Northwest, but worldwide.

True to its roots, KEXP continues bringing people together. Championing new artists, creating gathering spaces for the Seattle community, fostering discussion on a range of topics and promoting unity are all part of the KEXP's mission.

BECU celebrates the value of music and community; we're thrilled to support KEXP's work.

BECU membership required. Member Share or Member Advantage savings account and also a checking account required to receive the KEXP debit card; not everyone will qualify.

BECU will donate to KEXP one cent for every qualified purchase using the KEXP debit card. Donations will be made twice a year. No charitable receipt will be provided. BECU reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice.