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Cyber Criminals Are Using Texts for Their Latest Scam

Scammers never take a day off. Learn how to tell if a text or call is legitimate, or a scammer posing as BECU.

We just learned about a scam in which cyber criminals spoofed a financial institution's call center phone number—making it appear in either a text message or phone call. 

Unfortunately, the criminals know what they're doing and some customers of that financial institution shared their login information. The criminals were able to use that information to withdraw cash at local ATMs.

These criminals are really good at convincing people to give them their login information. Our members trust BECU to help protect their assets, so the more information we can share about specific threats, the better.
This was a sophisticated scam, and one we want to help you avoid. Remember that BECU will never ask for your: 

  • Account username or password 

  • Challenge questions and answers to confirm your identity through email or text 

If you receive a call or text asking for your login information, do not respond. 

If we do need to call you, we'll never ask for your: 

  • Social Security number

  • Birth date

  • Mother's maiden name

  • PIN 

And, when we need to verify your identity, we'll ask transaction-based questions about things only you are likely to know—like how your account is set up or your account activity. 

We're doing everything we can to raise awareness because we've seen similar scams targeting our members. You can read more about this scam tactic in our, Two Scams to Watch Out For article. Learn more about what BECU is doing to protect members on our Member Security page.

If you have any questions, please contact a BECU representative at 800-233-2328.