Business Deposit-Only ATM Card

Now Here! Business Deposit-Only ATM Cards: Convenience and Security in One

Business owners have plenty of jobs – deposits shouldn’t be one of them.

BECU Business Services is excited to officially launch deposit-only ATM cards, combining peace of mind and convenience for you, the business-owner. The card acts like a ticket to your deposits and nothing else – no withdrawals, account balance or account information – yet employees can easily deposit checks and cash directly to a business's account.

Rest Easy

The deposit-only ATM cards are foolproof – they could be lost by the cardholder and it wouldn't affect the business owner one bit! How so? The card cannot be used to access funds, borrow money, view account balances or account information. They are even programmed to never include the account balance on a deposit receipt; the depositer only receives a record of the deposits made. 

Enjoy the Simple Life

We make your job simpler by making these cards simple. They can be linked up to two business checking and savings accounts and are designed to only do one job: deposit. Confidently give them to any and all persons making deposits for your business and there's no limit to the number of cards you can request.

Get yours today

To request a card simply call us: (800) 233-2328, or stop by any one of our BECU neighborhood financial centers. Our BECU locations can issue cards on the spot!