Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhanced Mobile Banking Security

Beginning late January you’ll get an extra layer of security with BECU Mobile Banking to help keep your sensitive information protected.

You'll see this new feature the next time you log in to Mobile Banking. Similar to your experience logging into Online Banking, you may see a prompt to enter more information, which could be:

  • Mobile verification with a one-time code sent to you via text
  • Answering a security question you've already set up 

Multifactor Authentication

We take your security very seriously. Adding this extra step enhances your account security and keeps you in control.  A strong password is a great start to that, but this extra safeguard, known as multifactor authentication, is an even stronger way to keep your financial information safe. For more info on creating a strong password, read our tips

Additional Account Verification

After you log in to the BECU mobile app, you may be asked to for additional account verification. It could be a one-time code you'll receive from us via text message, or a question only you would know the answer to. Once you answer your question, you'll be able to access your accounts like usual.

Is this different from what I set up when logging into Online Banking?

No – if you already set up multifactor authentication in Online Banking, no action is needed on your part. Your settings will simply transfer over when you log in from a mobile device. 

What if you haven't enrolled in Mobile Banking?  

Download the BECU mobile app  and access your money on the go. 

Important note: If you haven't already set up multifactor authentication in Online Banking, you'll need to complete that step in order to continue using the mobile app.