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Member Casting Call

Be Featured in Our Upcoming Member Photo Shoot

Want to be in a BECU ad campaign? We’re looking for members of all ages to participate in our next photo shoot.

At BECU, we have always celebrated our member-owners in all our marketing materials. If you're interested in being part of that tradition, then you're in luck - our upcoming photo shoot takes place on June 6 – 8 in the surrounding Puget Sound area. 

Interested in being BECU-famous? Email us! In your message, be sure to include your full name, phone number, and current favorite photo of yourself and anyone else you'd like to feature with you. It would also help us to know about your interests and hobbies so we can try to take photos of you doing something you love to do! Maybe it's a sport, an instrument you play, a favorite spot to visit, gardening or tinkering with your car. Find all contact and deadline details below. 

Details Shoot Dates: 6/6/18 – 6/8/18 

Location: TBD (no more than 30-40 minutes outside of the Seattle area) 

Time requirement: Typically 2-3 hours total- this includes arrival, wardrobe, make-up and then the photo shoot.  

Additional Info: We will have a warm trailer to hang out and have snacks before the shoot. Plus, members receive a nominal stipend for participating. 


Deadline to email: Monday, May 7 

Know a fellow BECU member who might like to participate? Don't forget to spread the word – share, tweet, post and email this article before the contact deadline of May 7!