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Closing for Good Student Blog

Student Perspective on Closing for Good: Carson Torres

On October 10, BECU hosted three Highline schools for a Financial Reality Fair during Closing for Good, BECU’s annual company-wide volunteer day. Student Carson Torres reported on the experience and shared thoughts with us.

By Carson Torres, Highline High School Student

Honestly, I wasn't sure what exactly I would be getting out of this event going into it, but afterwards I was very happy I was given this opportunity. Walking into the Convention Center on a windy October morning, I joined the buzz of the crowds flowing up to the auditorium. I was extremely curious seeing all of the BECU smiling faces standing around. 

Being released to our first activity where every student got a career card to be for the day – they had us manage real-world expenses with an actual salary for the career given – has probably been one of the most eye-opening things since I turned eighteen last month. Suddenly, I realized I would have to be managing my finances soon and this is something I should be paying attention to while I have hundreds of BECU employees around to help me.

The second part of my day I was partnered up one-on-one with a BECU employee to help me move things around in my budget and understand how to lower some costs that weren't necessary. I personally loved getting to have one-on-one time with someone who could actually help me. She was very friendly and I felt comfortable enough to ask her questions about credit cards, debit cards, and what a credit score even is. I feel confident she gave me the best answers she thought would benefit me. 

Returning from this amazing opportunity, I feel like I have a greater knowledge of how I should start managing my finances and I know that if I need help the wonderful staff member, Charlotte Scieszka, who was the main BECU representative leading my class around, offered us the opportunity to reach out to her.

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