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Fix Auto Silverdale

Business Member Spotlight: Fix Auto Silverdale

BECU Business Services spoke with business member Ken Miller, owner of Fix Auto Silverdale, a collision repair center.

Ken is animated when talking about his business philosophy. He's clearly passionate about being part of a community; about taking care of customers and making sure they know they're being taken care of. He's proud of his business and is very clear that he expects his customer service to be at a “10” at all times.  

BECU: This is your shop?
KM: Yep. This one I've owned for two years. We have another location in Poulsbo. I've owned it for 4 months. I've been in the business for 30 years – I was an operations manager somewhere else, overseeing 5 shops. 

BECU: What made you decide to open your own business?
KM: I've been grooming to open my own business for my entire career. I've been working toward not having to answer to someone. This location has 11 employees. I'm the sole owner. 

BECU: Congratulations. That's a huge step. How's it going?
KM: The first year was a little over 20% growth, and the last year it's been around 20%. It's been good. The responsibility weighs daily. You're responsible for people's families. 

BECU: What's your philosophy here at Fix Auto Silverdale?
KM: Community means a lot to us. We're family-oriented. That's big for us. I think it's important when you're in business to be a part of something. Community is what you want to get back from being in business. 

BECU: And your business model?
KM: We're a service-oriented business. We measure our performance.  We update our customers throughout the repair process because we want them to feel taken care of.  We have follow-up surveys that we use to understand what customers may have experienced, good or bad. We conduct our business around that. 

We have what we call an alert – any review of a 7 or below comes right to me or to my manager. Then we have a dialogue about why someone felt something about our product or service was not up to par. We make it known that we want our service to be a 10. That customer has access to me through email and my personal cell phone. We talk about it. We want to improve.

It's honest and it keeps us on our toes. 

BECU: That sounds like a really great experience for your customers. Can you tell me about your experiences with BECU?
KM: My business has always banked with BECU. I had a personal account for a long time, over 10 years [before I opened a business account]. Over 10 years. I joined [originally] because of member benefits and the fees are more competitive. I looked at other options when I started the business, but I chose BECU. One reason was that I had some loyalty. And then the rates and such were competitive. 

All my experiences [with BECU] are positive. I have a personal business consultant, and I've always been able to contact him. Everything I've asked him to do, he's followed through and taken care of. 

BECU: Are there any specific times you can think of that he's helped you out, or any products that work really well for you?
KM: The high speed online deposit  has been wonderful – my staff really likes that. It's more convenient for sure and we use it daily here. 

It seems like they're able to make decisions quickly. Financial assistance – like my line of credit – that was put together in minutes. Literally a phone conversation. 

It's really easy to bank with BECU. No overselling of products; just seems like it's convenient. 

About Fix Auto Silverdale
Fix Auto Silverdale  is an expert in car body repair and collision repair for all types of vehicles. Our body shop in Silverdale guarantees your cars body repair for life. Being part of Fix Auto's international network of body shops, we have established a reputation respected by many insurers.