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Recommendations for Paying in Store and Online

We want to provide some best practices and recommendation for payment options while you are out shopping.

When in a Store

We recommend your Digital Wallet as your first option so look for the wavy symbol

  • It's safe – Digital Wallets require you to use either your fingerprint or passcode to access so you can rest easy knowing that a fraudster wouldn't be able to pick up your phone and access your Digital Wallet. In addition, a token is transmitted to the merchant, not your card #.

  • It's fast – Digital Wallets are faster than paying with an EMV card because you don't need to insert and leave your card in the payment terminal waiting for the chip reading.

Next, we recommend your EMV card as your next best option.

The chip in EMV cards encrypts your card data and when you insert it into the payment terminal, it takes a few seconds to decrypt the data on the card and process the transaction.

The downside to paying with an EMV card is that some retailers do not yet have terminals that are EMV enabled.

Finally, if the other two options aren't available, you can simply swipe

Although it's the most familiar form of payment, it is also the least secure.  Your information on the card is what is in the magnetic stripe and that is the information that is passed to the retailer. 

When Online

More and more retailers are including Pay with Apple Pay, Pay with Android Pay or Pay with Samsung Pay buttons in their apps; looks for these buttons when you checkout. Save time by not having to grab your wallet and shop securely by leveraging the token in the digital wallet instead of entering your card number manually.

Now that you know your secure and convenient options, happy shopping!