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Learn How to Move, Send and Transfer Money Easily

Hello! My name is Mark Valdez and I am a Member Consultant at BECU’s Downtown Seattle Neighborhood Financial Center. Here at BECU, we want to make sure that our members have the easiest access to be able to move money around. I have listed all the different ways to transfer money based on certain scenarios.

Ways to Transfer Your Money

Online Banking

BECU members access their Online Banking for many reasons such checking balances, reviewing transactions and transferring money. Online Banking is available anytime, anywhere as long as you have a computer with Internet connection. With so many different features Online Banking offers when it comes to moving money around, I provided some common questions members ask me when they need to transfer funds.
Question:  “Hey Mark, can I transfer money between my individual and joint accounts using only one log-in information?”
Answer: Certainly! Your log in information will show all personal accounts that you are a signer on (including early savers accounts!) and you can move money between these accounts online. I always recommend using nicknames for each account so it's easier to know which is which.
Question: “Hey Mark, can I transfer money between BECU and my other bank or credit union?”
Answer: Absolutely! Using the “External Transfer”, you can move money between BECU and your other financial institution. This is great for members who may be traveling and need to move money between their accounts prior to arriving to their destination.
Question: “Hey Mark, how can I transfer money to another BECU member?”
Answer: You can easily transfer money from your BECU account to another BECU member online by completing our “Third Party Transfer Authorization” form. You can find this form by searching it on the BECU website or by stopping by any BECU Financial Centers. You will need to provide the other member's account number and their name to complete this. This is a great way to transfer money to your landlord's account, or if you need to transfer money to a family member's or friend's accounts.
Question: “Hey Mark, I need to transfer money to someone's bank account but they are not BECU members. Is there a way for me to do this?”
Answer: Yes there is! Better yet, it's free. You only need someone's email or cell phone number (actual bank and routing numbers work, too). Using BECU's POPmoney (POP - Pay Other People) feature under “Payments” on our online banking, just select the “next-day” option – it should transfer within one business day.

Mobile Banking

If you have either an Android ™smartphone or any Apple® device that has a data connection, you can use the BECU Mobile Banking to access your accounts for balance inquiry, deposits and transferring funds. The mobile banking is great for quick transfers on the go! I personally like using the mobile app because it is so convenient. I use the mobile deposit to transfer money from my other credit union account to my BECU account by writing myself a check and depositing it. I always recommend this to members especially when they need to transfer money right away.

I had a member called and was a bit concern because she was out of town and needed to transfer money from her other credit union to BECU, luckily she had her check with her and I told her about the mobile deposit and she was able to transfer her money!

One of my members told me he was able to transfer money using the mobile banking while getting some groceries because he forgot his joint debit card and his personal card did not have enough money to cover his purchase.

Telephone Banking

If you don't have a quick access to a computer or you do not have an Android or an Apple device handy, then BECU's Telephone Banking is just what you need! It's a 24-hour service that is free of charge by using a phone, whether home phones or cellphones. You can check your balances and transfer money between your accounts anytime you need to.

A member was telling me that he was able to use the telephone banking to quickly transfer money so he could buy show tickets while out of town at 10 PM for him and his wife.

Another member told me that he likes using the telephone banking simply because he doesn't have a “fancy” cellphone and he doesn't use the internet either, it's like a match made in heaven!
Written By: Mark Valdez, BECU Employee