School Grants

School Grants

We’re excited to support local high schools through an expanded partnership with Junior Achievement (JA). By teaching financial literacy and budgeting to teens, we help empower young people to make smart financial decisions.

BECU Supports Schools and Students

As a credit union, we're committed to providing financial education to the communities in which we serve. We have a special focus on working with local high schools because we know that financial education for young people is important. Those first years living on your own are a pivotal point in your financial journey. 

Our expanded partnership will provide funding for field trips to Junior Achievement World  for local schools. JA World helps bring real-world decision-making to life for teens through BizTown and Finance Park.

BizTown exposes students to a simulated business world, and Finance Park focuses on personal budgeting and planning. Both create a learning environment in which students are given opportunities for real rather than imagined activities, active rather than passive learning, and actual decision-making with positive and negative consequences. Ongoing funding for schools from BECU will be available through JA.

Learn more and apply for BECU / JA funding here

JA of WA also supports in-classroom financial education. You can read more about how to bring JA to your class here

Other Sources of BECU Support for Schools and Students

Closing for Good 

BECU closes for a company-wide volunteer day each year to host Financial Reality Fairs for select local schools. This year, Closing for Good is on Monday, October 10th. You can learn more about this program here

BECU's Reality Check 

Our team of financial educators will offer over two months of in-classroom financial education on budgeting between October 17th and December 16th this year. We're going to high schools all over western Washington to conduct BECU's Reality Check. These budgeting programs are free for schools. Interested? Apply here.

Classroom Sessions  

Financial educators are available to present throughout the year in high school classrooms. Learn more here

JA Community Days  

Together with JA, we host free community days for families at JA World. Register for the upcoming event on November 5.  

We're committed to working with students in the area – and we know that may look different depending on your school and your student population. Please reach out if you're interested in exploring financial education and empowerment with our team here at BECU. You can email us at

“Wait! That all sounds great. But are you still offering school grants?”

No. We're excited to bring greater focus and cohesion to our school grants through our partnership with JA, and proud to continue to support local schools. But we will no longer be asking for grant applications as we have in the past. 

While we've supported over 300 local schools through $950,000 in general grants over the last 9 years as part of our organizational giving (education is important!), we've started to zero in on how we can support financial education for students. 

We ask schools to focus their grant applications on financial education and/or entrepreneurial development activities and we've seen that the majority are for field trips to Junior Achievement's JA BizTown and JA Finance Park. 

That led to our desire to expand our strategic partnership with JA to support schools more directly. We're excited to see what it brings.