Switch to BECU

Switch to BECU

Here's what you need to make the switch to BECU


1. Establish membership by opening a BECU Member Share or Member Advantage Savings account

While you're at it, we recommend opening a BECU checking account as well. Apply online or in person at a Neighborhood Financial Center. Be sure to bring valid ID.

  • Applying online is easy, and takes roughly 15-20 minutes. Once you've completed the process, you can choose to have your debit card mailed to you, or have it printed in person at a location nearest you.
  • Applying in-person takes a little longer, but debit cards will be printed for you by a member consultant on the spot. Consultants will also get you access to Online and Mobile banking. Make an appointment.

Discontinue using old account

2. Discontinue using your old account

Once you've opened your new BECU accounts and received your debit card, keep your old account open until all checks have cleared and all automatic payments have been processed. As a general rule, we recommend waiting about 10 days after you have written your last check or your last transaction has cleared. Be sure not to close your account until you've confirmed this.

Transfer all accounts

3. Transfer all direct deposits and stored account information

After you've confirmed all payments have cleared, be sure to update all ACH and automated deposits and payments with your new BECU account and debit card numbers. In most cases, you can go online and update the new information, but contact the merchant directly if you have any additional questions.

For your reference, BECU's routing number is 325081403.

Start using accounts

4. Start using your new BECU accounts

Welcome to BECU! Get started by depositing money into your checking and savings accounts. You can do that quickly and digitally by setting up a username and password in Online Banking, and by downloading the BECU mobile app for Apple, Android or Windows. 

Close old accounts

5. Close your old checking account

When all checks have cleared and all ACH payments have processed, close your old account. Be sure to contact your previous financial institution if you see something that doesn't look right.

For any additional questions, give us a call at 800-233-2328, or send us a secure message via Online Banking.