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Our Members, Your Stories

Without you, we wouldn’t exist. That’s why we use member photos to tell the story of BECU. We’re inspired by and proud of our members. That's why every single picture you see from BECU is by or of a member.

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  • Anna C., Seattle

    Enjoyed a worry-free vacation without the stress of a minimum balance or monthly fees. Love being a member BECU cares about!

    Anna C., Seattle

  • Barbara L., Puyallup

    Early Savers Checking Accounts allow our family to teach boys about savings and setting financial goals - like going to Yellowstone!

    Barbara L., Puyallup

  • Jerry F., Olympia

    The convenient location of a BECU ATM got me the gas money to drive out and catch this beautiful fish. Thanks BECU!

    Jerry F., Olympia

  • Carmela F., Lake Stevens

    We're using our joint savings to build our future.

    Carmela F., Lake Stevens

  • Christina S., Bothell

    BECU's mobile app allows me to do my banking anywhere.

    Christina S., Bothell

  • Matt M., Photo in Rome

    Our BECU Visa allows us to travel worry- and hassle-free.

    Matt M., Photo in Rome

  • Maria B., Renton

    BECU made it easy to manage college expenses. We used Online Banking to set up accounts and transfers. Thanks, BECU!

    Maria B., Renton

  • Sonja L., Kent

    The support and online services could not be easier for my home loan.

    Sonja L., Kent

  • Victoria L., Seattle

    Buying a new car has never been easier!

    Victoria L., Seattle

  • Fergus M., Member Consultant

    Before joining BECU I was in the military helping people in a different way, but my work here feels equally important. Our members’ stories open my mind to the unique experiences life can provide.

    Fergus M., Member Consultant

  • Michelle B., Systems Engineer

    It is refreshing to work with so many like-minded and similarly-valued people in one organization. I came from 25 years in the Department of Defense and was surprised by the level of teamwork in a civilian company.

    Michelle B., Systems Engineer

  • Debra A., Secondary Marketing Specialist

    At BECU, I’m inspired. Inspired by our values, which are not just words on a letterhead or a billboard, but values that shine in the work we do and service we provide. I’ve never been so inspired to be an active member of this organization and the community we serve.

    Debra A., Secondary Marketing Specialist

  • Manuel C., Manager, Neighborhood Financial Center

    Even though we have over 1,700 employees, I feel like I know everyone. They all make me feel like I matter and that I can make a difference. BECU is 100% invested in me, so I am invested in them.

    Manuel C., Manager, Neighborhood Financial Center

  • Manuel M., Systems Technician IT Intern

    The BECU internship has helped me prepare for my future by giving me exposure to technologies that are used in tech environments through hands on experience and shadowing of my team members.

    Manuel M., Systems Technician IT Intern