You Are BECU

You Are BECU

Proudly Introducing Our New Logo.

Like the world around us, our organization is evolving. And with it, our brand. To communicate the spirit of BECU today, we are proud to debut a new brand identity. A logo that will better serve us both now and in the future. It is fresh, modern, confident and timeless. A reflection of where we've been and where we are headed. As always, united in our purpose of people helping people.

You Own It. You Inspire Us.

We're excited about our new logo and hope you are, too. You'll notice the design elements retain some of the old while creating something new. As you begin to see the new brand identity in our financial centers and communications, remember that you are –and always will be – the inspiration for all we do. Because you belong to BECU, this belongs to you.


What's New?

A vibrant refresh of our signature red color carries forward the equity and authenticity of our brand. The capital letters and vertical lines for equal emphasis make it easier to read and add clarity to our name.

Why the Change?

We determined the need to update our logo for a number of practical purposes. Now that we serve more than the Boeing Company, the “E” that stood for employees no longer represents all our members. Also, some of the details of the design limited its legibility in digital environments.

An Emphasis On You.

Since everything we are and everything we do revolves around you, our members and employees, the new logo's rounded corner accentuates the “U.” This subtle yet purposeful design element adds more inclusivity to our brand in an approachable and welcoming manner.

Making the Change
Making the Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Though change is inevitable, it can prompt uncertainty. We hope the answers below help you to better understand why we're changing our logo and what to expect in the months to come. It's an exciting time for us and we're delighted to share it with you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out and ask, or send an email to We're here for you.

You Are Our Future

Thank you for being part of our continuing movement to empower people to achieve their financial goals and realize their life dreams. We look forward to doing more great things together.