Make a Purchase. Make a Difference.

With your card you aren't just paying for something, you're paying it forward. Now through September 30th, every time you make a purchase using a BECU debit or credit card, we'll donate 1 cent toward the People Helping People Awards. Our goal is to reach $515k, all of which will go back to the nonprofits our members care about most.

The People Helping People Awards is our way of letting members vote to decide which local nonprofits we'll support each year. Recognizing those who exemplify one of our most important values - helping others.

Learn more about the People Helping People Awards and check out our progress below.

Make a Purchase. Make a Difference. Donation Meter

From August 1 to September 30, 2018, for every qualified purchase transaction made on your BECU Debit Mastercard® or BECU Visa® credit card, BECU will make a one cent donation up to a maximum of $515,000 to the People Helping People Awards program. One cent donation applies to each qualified purchase transaction. Promotion ends on September 30, 2018, or when our maximum $515,000 donation goal is reached, whichever comes first. ATM transactions are not eligible.

The information shown is simulated to represent donations made to the People Helping People Awards program as a result of purchases using a BECU debit Mastercard and BECU Visa credit card bases upon past prformance. Information shown will be reconciled on a weekly basis to represent actual donations throughout the course of the program.

If the number of transactions processed between August & September are less than the $515,000 award amounts, BECU will donate funds to cover awards.