Downloading Financial Statements

Move Your Transactions. Move on with Your Day.

Business members often ask how to import their BECU transactions into financial software (QuickBooks, Quicken for Accounting, etc.) or a financial app (Mint, Money Manager). This page answers many of your how-to import questions. Don't forget to also check the FAQs on the site of the software/app that you are using.

Questions, Answered

How Do I Download Transactions from BECU Online Banking?

Log into your BECU Online Banking, then click on the account that you want to download.

Scroll down until you see a drop-down box on the lower left-hand screen labeled “download format.” Choose from one of three options: Intuit Quicken (.QFX); Quicken Books (.QBO); Comma Separated (.CSV). Simply click “select a download type” and upload using one of the three files that suits your import needs. Quick tip: use (.CSV) when uploading into Excel.

Can I Download Transactions Beyond 6 Months?

Yes. You'll want to jump over to the BECU Money Manager program. While our account view only goes back 6 months, Money Manager allows you to download account information several years back. Simply export when logged into Online Banking, then select “Money Manager” on the menu tab.

Can I See All of My Transactions in One Place?

Absolutely – just use the Money Manager we mentioned above. BECU Money Manager allows you to export all of your financial institution transactions into one dashboard. Be it a BECU account, a third-party account (not BECU) from a bank, business loan, credit card – no matter the type of financial institution, Money Manager should allow you to combine it all into one place. With third-party transactions, they will only be reflected from the date the account was added and going forward.

Money Manager is a great tool. If you have yet to use it, you'll be pleasantly surprised with its capabilities. That's it. If you have more questions, you can call us at 800-233-2328. Another resource is the our Systems Requirements to learn the software/app that you use to upload your financials.