This One Trick Saves You Money on Your Car

This One Trick Saves You Money on Your Car

Car shopping and want new-car rates with used-car pricing? Get both.

The Benefits of Buying Used 

You already know that buying a used car can save you hundreds – if not thousands – on the overall cost of your vehicle. But you may not realize that by buying used, you often miss out on the “new-car rate” financial institutions offer to buyers. However, not at BECU.

Get New-Car Rates 

The new-car rate rule doesn't hold true at BECU: BECU offers new-car rates on used cars up to two years old. When you buy a used car that's only two years old or newer, you have the advantage of the price of a used car, while paying new-car interest rates.

Save on Interest Charges 

That interest really adds up! Saving on your interest rate helps you save on the overall cost of your loan. BECU is a not-for-profit credit union, so we're already looking out for the good of our members' wallets and offering better rates from the get-go. Adding that additional savings helps your budget even more.


  • New car, valued at $25,000, rate of 3.84% APR*
  • 2-year-old car, valued at $21,000, rate of 3.84% APR* 
  • 4-year-old car, valued at $19,000, rate of 4.64% APR*

*APR and loan amount may differ based on borrower's credit history, loan repayment term, age of collateral, loan-to-value (LTV), and based on wholesale Kelley Blue Book or dealer invoice. Not all applicants will qualify. 

Buying a car just slightly older (two years) nets you a cheaper price at the same interest rate. Buying a car even older (four years) may save you money on the sticker price, but the APR increases due to the collateral's age.