How BECU’s Rates Beat the Competition

How BECU's Rates Beat the Competition

If you're thinking of taking your business banking to a credit union, let BECU set a good example: Our rates are competitively low for everything from business credit cards and lines of credit to vehicle and equipment loans. And with knowledgeable business service experts that have years of industry knowledge, we're a one-stop shop.

Getting your business off the ground could be a dream come true. To get there, you'll need plenty of financial stability and flexibility. This makes it imperative to choose a financial institution that offers you both - in products, as well as the service to back them up.

BECU's range of products for businesses feature low rates, ease of use, and knowledgeable experts to guide you every step of the way. Besides, your goal is to pursue your dream and get paid for it - not worry about paying too much to support it.

Here's a look at the business products you can find with us:

  • Business deposit accounts. Need more than just one or two places to put your earnings? Take your pick - our Basic and Interest Checking Accounts are designed to provide more value with fewer fees and more flexibility. How do we do this? By maximizing the number of free transactions you get per month, based on your average balance of combined deposits plus outstanding loan and line of credit accounts. The bigger your relationship with us, the more transactions you get free per month! We've also got some of the most competitive earning rates on business money market and fixed-rate CD accounts. Our money market accounts have check writing privileges*, and our CDs offer terms from 3 - 60 months; they can even be opened with as little as $500. Learn more about our business deposit accounts.
  • Business credit cards. The BECU traditional Business Visa card has one of the lowest rates in the country compared to other major financial institutions*. Plus, we offer a 1.5% Cash Back Rewards card where the rewards are automatically credited to your statement each month, with no limit on the amount you can accrue and no spending categories to keep track of. You can use either card type to monitor and track expenses, and set individual spending limits on any employee-issued credit cards. Did we mention there's no annual fee, either? And, zero fees for cash advances or foreign transactions? Learn more about our business credit card options.
  • Business line of credit. Need a way to get short-term cash for business purchases? Or, looking for a better way to manage cash flow? A BECU Business Line of Credit is a great choice. We've got secured and unsecured options that provide overdraft protection and zero interest charges until you draw on the line. As a business owner, you've got fluctuating business needs, so choose a line of credit that can keep up. Learn more about the BECU Business Line of Credit.
  • Business term loan. No matter what line of work you're in, you'll need the right tools for the job. A BECU Business Term Loan can provide the financing to keep things going while charging no origination fees for terms up to 84 months bundled with a competitive interest rate. Get equipment, tools, machinery, or even a delivery truck at a rate you can afford. Learn more about BECU Business Term Loans.
  • Business vehicle loans. Need a light truck, car, SUV, or consumer-sized van for your business? You can get those with a BECU Business Vehicle Loan. The loan has no origination fee and allows you to finance up to 100% of the vehicle purchase price. Plus, we apply new-car rates on vehicles up to 2 years old and our competitive rates won't break your budget. Learn more about BECU Business Vehicle Loans.

Between low rates, a range of products you can actually afford, and excellent support, life is just easier when taking your business banking needs to BECU.

Get access to a quick and easy five-step guide to help you get started with the account opening process, or visit BECU Business Services to learn more about membership.

*Transfers or withdrawals from Money Market Accounts are limited to six per month via check, automatic, electronic, or telephonic means imposed by federal Regulation D.