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Phone Numbers

Toll-free in the US and Canada
Business hours: M-F 7am-7pm, Sat. 9am-1pm (Pacific Time)
800-233-2328 (not for deaf or hard of hearing)

Get Instructions

24-hour Telephone Banking

Member Suggestion Line
206-439-5800 or 800-438-7805
Note: For product and service improvement suggestions only.

For your protection, BECU routinely monitors account for fraudulent activity and may call you to verify a transaction(s) that does not follow your normal usage.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Toll-free in the US and Canada
Business hours: M-F 7am-7pm (Pacific Time)

Business hours: M-F 7am-7pm (Pacific Time)

Urgent Needs

Lost, stolen or fraudulent charges on Visa card
Business hours: M-F 7am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm (Pacific Time)

After hours: M-F 7pm-7am, Sat 1pm and all day Sun (Pacific Time)

Lost, stolen or fraudulent charges on Debit card
Business hours: M-F 7am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm (Pacific Time)

After hours: M-F 7pm-7am, Sat 1pm and all day Sun (Pacific Time)
888-241-2510 (inside US)
909-941-1398 (collect outside US)

Report suspicious email, text and phone calls
Email our security team (monitored only during business hours). Personal and confidential information should not be included in your email.

Media Inquiries

Contact Todd Pietzsch

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To call toll-free from outside the US and Canada

  1. Find the AT&T Direct Access Number for the country you are in
  2. Make sure you have an outside line and dial your Direct Access Number
  3. When you are prompted for the number you are calling, enter 800-369-3567.
International toll-free calling available in the following countries
Australia Japan KDD* Philippines Philcom*
Austria*+ Japan IDC Smart-PI-Pldt-Globe
Bahrain Korea PI Capwire
Belgium* using Dacom telecom PI Digitel & Bayantel
Denmark from US Military bases Saudi Arabia
France from US Military bases using Dacom telecom Singapore=
Germany Korea Republic Spain
Greece* Luxembourg Sweden
Hong Kong Mexico< Switzerland
Indonesia^ Mexico Ladatel< Taiwan
Ireland M exico Por Cobra< Thailand
Israel Bezeq Netherlands* U.K.>BT
Israel Golden Lines New Zealand U.K. Mercury
Israel Barak Norway U.K. AT&T

* Public phones require coin or card deposit.
+ Public phones require local coin payment through the call duration.
^ Use phones allowing international access.
< When calling from public phone, use phone marked "Ladatel".
= Not available from public phones.
> May not be available from every phone/pay phone.

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