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Text “SMS” Phishing and Spam

Aug 05, 2014 | Posted in Security and Fraud

Text phishing is very similar to email phishing and is used by cyber criminals more and more each day.



Where Does Your Money Go?

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Budgeting

Learn a simple way to start budgeting that will stick with you your whole life and help you determine how your spending will impact your savings.



The Tax Consequences of Being a Couple

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Taxes

Just when you thought you had finally figured out your taxes, you have to start all over again. That's what it may feel like when you get married or divorced, because the IRS has some different rules for taxpayers depending on their marital status.



"A" Is for "Audit" and How to "Avoid" One

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Taxes

Each year, the IRS selects a certain number of returns to audit - in 2006, it was slightly under one percent of individual returns.



Opt-Out from Receiving Phone and Mail Solicitations

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Security and Fraud

Limit the amount of mailings and telemarketing calls you receive at home.



Your APR May Improve if Your Credit History Improves

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Debt and Credit

BECU routinely evaluates our credit card members’ credit portfolios. If your credit has improved, and you don’t already have the lowest rate, we look to lower the APR on your card.



Great College Planning News for BECU Members

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Saving for College

Make smart, informed college planning and funding decisions with a free web-based college planning service for BECU members.



The Essentials of Estate Planning

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Retirement Planning

Discover how BECU members are benefitting from Estate Planning with knowledgeable and trusted Financial Advisors at BECU Investment Services.



Planning for Your Golden Years

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Retirement Planning

BECU members can benefit from Retirement Planning at all stages of life by working with the knowledgeable and trusted Financial Advisors at BECU Investment Services.



Teen Investors Have Time on Their Side

Dec 20, 2013 | Posted in Youth and Money

Meet one young investor named Paul who started investing with $500 as a senior in high school, and learn how compound interest helps your investments grow.

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